From 2016 - 2020, Pippa Bainbridge and Swiss Kalken operated an intimate arts venue in Fitzroy, presenting a curated program of live performance. Over that time, The Burrow (formerly known as Aeso Studio) hosted hundreds of events and productions, artists and ensembles, and gained a reputation as being a friendly and unpretentious space, supporting creatives and the arts loving community to come together and connect. But the venue was entirely reliant on income from box office and bar sales, and restrictions on public gatherings necessitated closing the venue and adapting to the new environment.

In the months to come we'll be launching some new initiatives including The Underground Sessions, a series of high quality live performance videos featuring local artists, as well as Underground Productions; pop-up venues, events and a platform of support for artists to develop and present new work. But we need the help of our community in order to adapt and rebuild.

We've introduced a new model of subscription, which will go along way to supporting us to continue to support and provide opportunities for artists, and to create unique arts experiences for everyone to dig into. We'd love you all to subscribe so we can stay in touch, but if you are in a position to do so, select one of our monthly donation packages and help keep the underground alive.


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