Double Vanity: Escalator Video Launch

Presented as part of Leaps and Bounds Music Festival on Saturday June 20.

We're incredibly excited to announce that on Saturday June 20 as part of Leaps and Bounds Music Festival, The Burrow Underground is hosting the launch of the video clip for Double Vanity's new single, 'Escalator'.

Come by 83 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy from 1:30pm - 7:30pm to see the video screened in the shopfront window as part of an installation including artwork by artist Billi Lime and other special happenings throughout the day.

Then at exactly 7.30pm, the 'Escalator' video will also be screened online as a special Facebook Premiere on the Double Vanity Facebook page, followed by behind-the-scenes interviews with the band and makers Billi Lime and Stephanie Gould.

More info:

The making of the 'Escalator' film clip involved local performance artist and painter Billi Lime and Melbourne born, New York-based filmmaker Stephanie Gould who met for one day and within 24 hours the two artists, armed with the song’s lyrics, music and photographs, filmed a kaleidoscope of visuals. Stephanie then returned to NYC to remotely edit the footage, while the band and collaborators isolated during lockdown.

This is the second single from Double Vanity's forthcoming album set to be released in late 2020 via Psychic Hysteria. Alight DV’s escalator into the skies for an automated trajectory to a brave new world with beautiful, haunting melodies and a paroxysm of emotions. Layered synths, swelling guitar and lush harmonised vocals meet for a moment of textured overexposure with minimal pulsating rhythms. Its lyrical grace is weighted with a heavy emotional trace.

The Burrow Underground have been exploring new ways to platform the work of local independent creatives and facilitate community connection through arts experiences, and the establishment of their new website, subscription platform and online channel will coincide with the Escalator launch.

It is important to support musicians, artists and promoters during these difficult times and we encourage donations if you have the means. If not then we encourage you to watch, listen, like, subscribe, share and show your support in any way you can.

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