The Burrow is a curated space, programming events and projects produced by individuals and groups of artists year-round.


We encourage proposals from artists working in a diversity of forms including experimental music, visual art, installations and screenings, readings and spoken word, intimate theatre and performance-based work. 


We are particularly interested in receiving proposals that respond to and work well in our unique studio and benefit from the dynamic relationship between artists and audiences in a small space.


We're always on the look out for work that expands form (think live scored cinema, exhibitions with talks and salons, a program of music and dance etc).


We relish the opportunity to uncover gems in the rough and hold space for work in development (think playreadings, improvised music etc).

We try to support as many artists as we can and to be as accommodating as possible, however we can't always say yes to everything. We prioritise projects and events that are well planned and considered, and fit within the context of our program. 

From time to time we will also call out for artists and works to take part in specific programs such as festival seasons and initiatives such as creative development opportunities, so be sure to follow us on social media.