Initially known as Aeso Studio and later as The Burrow, from 2016-2020 the team from The Burrow Underground operated an intimate performance venue, and curated a year-round program including experimental music, readings and spoken word, contemporary theatre and performance-based work, visual art, installations, screenings and more. 

Hundreds of artists and ensembles were supported and hundreds of events and productions were presented in that time, and the venue gained a reputation as being a friendly and unpretentious space, supporting creatives and the arts loving community to come together and connect. 

The gallery below features an image from each of the events presented from July 2018-March 2020 and you can download a list of the events/productions and the artists supported here.

We are currently collating and licensing archival materials from works and events presented at the venue from 2016-2020, and look forward to sharing them with The Burrow Underground community over the coming months.


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